About Steven Gugilev

Luxury & Exotic Car Enthusiast Living in Miami, Steven has been a luxury and exotic cars enthusiast most of his life. He is the founder of Premier Miami Limo, a luxury car and limousine service that caters to South Florida. With his passion as an entrepreneur for amazing cars, his new project is Miami Exotic Car Rentals. This new enterprise will allow people to rent and experience driving some of the most prestigious and luxurious vehicles in the world.

Why Not Hire a Miami Limo Service for Fun?

Do you have an invitation that you are supposed to go to Miami? If you are not familiar with Miami, you may be confused on how to drive well there. We all know that Miami is one of the busiest cities in America as it is also known as the most elite city in America. A lot of people work there, a lot of people enjoy the party bar there, and a lot of people have the business there. There are just so many people living in Miami with great appearance and living. (more…)

Miami Limo for Revolt Music Conference 2017






Network And Be Heard By The Music Industry’s Most Influential @ The Eden Roc / Nobu Hotel

RMC 2017 Lights Up Miami Beach’s Nightly Entertainment With Performances By: LAURYN HILL | 2CHAINZ | FRENCH MONTANA | SZA

Transportation & Logistics Provided  Exclusively By Premier Miami Limo. Book Your Own Escalade Or Custom Mercedes Sprinter With A 5 Star Chauffeur And Shine For The Night.

Jackie Chan with Premier Miami Limo

I have been personally driving him for the last 3 days to all of his premiers. So, here is the content and the pic is attached.

International Movie Star Jackie Chan Enjoying Miami While Promoting The Premiere Of His Latest Box Office Hit The Foreigner.

Transportation & Logistics Handled Exclusively @Premier Miami Limo # Ride In Style

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Miami Luxury Car Service

What to do when you are going to have an important event, and you have no time to get yourself driving to the event? When you have no idea what to do, you may need to hire a driver to take you from your hotel to the event venue. But, wait, do you think that your driver can handle your car well? If you worry bout that, hiring a driver is not a good idea. However, it still depends on your trust. Sometimes hiring a driver can be cheaper than you have to drive by yourself and you still have works to do during your way to the event. (more…)

The Top Place to Get a Limo Service in Miami

Miami is well-known for its South Beach. It is also famous for its cultural and economic center. Why should you waste your time to wait for the taxis? By renting a limo, you will be picked up by the driver and taken to your destination reliably and quickly. You do not need to wait since the driver will pick you up on time. You can reserve the limo online. These are the top places that you can choose to rent a limo. (more…)

Reasons for Taking a Limo Service in Miami

Miami has several beautiful beaches. That’s why many people love to go to the Miami Beach. They want to enjoy the beautiful scenery and release their fatigue. If you want to enjoy the beautiful beach of Miami, you can plan your holiday from now. The journey from Miami Beach to Miami International Airport is around 20-30 minutes. It is not a long trip, is not it? But, you may find such a bothering thing, like bad traffic jams, thinking about the upcoming business project, nerves from driving, or stress from a tight flight. Hiring a limousine service in Miami can be a good solution. You may think that it can add more budgets. But, you need to read the reasons why taking a limousine service Miami below. You will find that it is more valuable. (more…)