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Tourist Attractions in Miami, Florida

Tourist Attractions in Miami, Florida

Miami is among the top tourist attraction cities in South Florida. The city has great weather, rich culture, beaches, sports, history, and entertainment. Therefore, if you are looking for places to visit or things to do while in Miami, here are some options:

Miami Beach

Miami Beach is connected to the mainland by a series of bridges and it is one of the places you would love to visit. Besides the numerous beachfront restaurants, there are hotels, shops and sunbathing areas where you can have a lot of fun. If you would like to learn some history, Art Deco Historic District is an ideal place to visit because it has pastel buildings ranging from the 1930s to early 1940s. Ocean Drive is the most popular street with Collins Avenue being a State Road that connects numerous neighborhoods in Miami, Florida. If you are a visitor/tourist and either doesn’t know these places or you would like to hire car services, premiere Miami limo service is an ideal choice. They offer reliable services at an affordable cost regardless of your destination in Miami, Florida.

South Beach

Located at the southern part of Miami Beach, this is the most popular beach in Miami. The beach is usually packed in summer making it one of the top beaches in Florida. If you love swimming and having a good time, South Beach is the place to be if you are in Miami. You can enjoy the shallow waters, swimming and escaping the heat while soaking up the sun. There are beautiful areas and sites to see once in South Beach whether you are alone, with friends or family.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

You can hire a premiere Miami limo service to visit this National Historic Landmark. The museum was built in 1916 and it has 34 rooms that are arranged around a central courtyard. The museum has European furniture and other decorative arts from the 15th -19th centuries. The gardens and the grounds have beautiful French and Italian pools, fountains and sculptures. It is important to know that this was luxurious winter home of James Deering. He used more than 1,100 craftsmen and workers from Europe to ensure the design remained ethnic. It is arguably one of the places you should visit in Miami, Florida to learn more about the museum and the garden.

Bayside Marketplace

If you are looking to shop, Bayside Marketplace is the largest outdoor-style mall in Miami. It has more than 150 specialty & tourist shops. There are also daily live entertainment, cafes, and stores where tourists and visitors can buy items while having fun. If you would like to tour the waters, there are tour boats that can take you around Biscayne Bay and other nearby places.

Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami is home to more than 3,000 wild animals including 40 endangered species. The zoo also has more than 1,000 tree species and plants including a collection of orchids. Unlike other zoos, animals are grouped with the species they can co-exist with peacefully. If you have visited with your family, children can also visit the play areas available at the zoo.

Evidently, there are numerous places you can visit while in Miami, Florida. However, the means of transport can be a menace especially if you are a visitor. Therefore, Premiere Miami limo service is dedicated to offering the best transport services in and around Miami, Florida.