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Things To Do In Miami, Florida

Things To Do In Miami, Florida

Miami, Florida is well-known globally due to its sunny weather, glamour, and beaches. If you are in Miami city or you are planning to visit the city, there are plenty of things you can engage in ranging from swimming to shopping and sightseeing. Here is a list of the things you can do in Miami:

Explore the crocodile ridden swamplands

Visit the Everglades National Park and you will find alligators, crocodiles, snakes, and birds. This is an ideal place for those who love nature, serene environment and cool climate. There are boardwalks and walking trails where you can view wildlife while interacting with other people. If you are not afraid of heights, you can try the airboat! The airboat will take you deep into the streams and marshes to help you explore and see wildlife to make your tour memorable.

Visit the Miami Sea Aquarium

Although the aquarium is used to rehabilitate and rescue the endangered manatees is Miami, it is also a great tourist attracting areas. There are daily shows that display killer whales, dolphins, and other mammals. In addition, there are tanks that contain sharks, alligators, and tropical fish for educational purposes as well as for people to view them. If you would like to be educated about the behaviors and the natural history of dolphins, swimming with the dolphins is a program that can help you achieve that.

Catch a live event

Hire a luxury car service in Miami to visit the American Airlines Arena. Here, you will not only find live concerts from top singers but also a wide range of events depending on the time of day, moth and season. The building opened in 1999 and it is the home of NBA’s Miami Heat. It has a capacity of 19,000 people and you can visit the building to catch a live event.

Visit Bayfront Park

A premiere Miami limo service can take you to Bayfront Park to see highlights such as an amphitheater, a pepper fountain and a tower for laser illuminations. At Bayfront Park you can catch a range of musical events and performances with a chance of meeting new people and learning more about World War II at the tower of laser illuminations.

Soak up the sun at the beach

You can visit South or Miami beaches to swim, meet new people or soak up the sun. South Beach is well-known as the most popular section of Miami Beach especially during summer because it attracts people from all parts of the world.

Explore the Jungle Island

Located on Watson Island, Jungle Island was formerly known as Parrot Jungle. If you are in South Beach or Downtown Miami, the Jungle is only a few minutes away if you hire a premiere Miami limo service. You will not only have interactive experiences in Jungle Island but also have a sense of adventure and discovery. In fact, in 1946, Winston Churchill visited the Jungle Island to learn more about the island while sightseeing the area.