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The Top Places You Must Visit in Miami, Florida

The Top Places You Must Visit in Miami, Florida

Have you ever been to Miami? Miami is not only one of the State’s but also the world’s most popular vacation spot. In most cases, people visit certain destinations because they offer specific things which makes the place worth the visit. Miami offers multiple enticements because there are numerous places to visit and things to do if you are in Miami. Luxury car service in Miami guarantees reliable transport services to any of your destinations. This not only makes it easy but also convenient and affordable for you to visit any of the places in Miami. These are some of the places you should visit in Miami:

Little Havana and Calle Ocho

Little Havana is well-known for its distinctive cultural scenes because it has restaurants, food shops and Latin music that have a Cuban culture. There are murals on the walls of buildings with the aim of showing vital Cuban figures. If you are looking for Cuban cuisines, this is the ideal place to go.

Wynwood Wall Street Art

The exterior warehouse walls have colorful art since 2009. Over the years, Wynwood Walls have been plastered with street art i.e. graffiti. This has revolutionized the area thus attracting big names from North America and even the rest of the world. Since the Street art began, there is more than 80,000 sq. ft. of wall space that has a painting with a unique art form. You can visit the Wynwood Wall to see creative and unique arts.

Coral Castle

Do you love arts and craft? Coral Castle is formed as a result of one man who worked for 28 years. Edward Leedskalnin carved limestone from 1923 to 1950 with an objective of making unique carvings that would attract people from all over the world. He used to work privately and could not allow anyone to watch or record hi work because he wanted it to be a secret. As a result, many people keep on wondering how he did it, the methods and the tools he used to create the Coral Castle. Today, you can tour the Castle to see the famous structures including a giant stone gate that opens effortlessly, chairs, stone tablets, unique figures, etc.

Freedom Tower

A premiere Miami limo service can take you to one of the most striking buildings in Biscayne Boulevard i.e. The Freedom Tower. The tower was built in 1925 and it is one of the oldest skyscrapers in the southeastern sides of the United States. It was named the Freedom Tower because it played a great role as the immigration processing center in the 1960s for Cuban refugees. It is used as a contemporary art museum and a tribute to Cuban migration to the United States.

Miami Children’s Museum

If you’ve visited with your family, the Miami Children’s Museum is a good place to visit. The museum has both entertaining and educational exhibits to help children learn, have fun and appeal to their curiosity and creativity about art. The museum has fourteen themed galleries that are involved in culture, community, communication, and arts. Furthermore, the museum has four outdoor exhibits that allow kids to play and enjoy quality time outside.