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Limo Services in Lummus Park

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Limo Services in Lummus Park

Lummus Park is an urban park on the beach of Miami, Florida, the United States. It is a 74-acre public park located on the Atlantic Ocean. The park is found on the eastern side of the Ocean. Lummus Park was created in the year 1985 and is operated by the city of Miami Beach. It is also regarded as a municipal park.

The Lummus Park is found on Ocean Drive to the eastern side. It is approximately in between the streets of 5th to 15th. During the mid-1980s, the park was redesigned and built to become part of a project for the present Beach to the south. The park is very rich in grass and palm trees which are accompanied by volleyball courts and pull up bars. There is also a walk for pedestrians referred to as promenade and is very wavy. The promenade separates grass at the park from the beach. On the 21st street, it then converts into a boardwalk. The sidewalk for pedestrians is mainly inspired by a landscaping architect from Brazil who designed an oceanfront walk for a beach near Rio de Janeiro.

The park offers a great site for taking photos and shooting videos. This usually happens regularly and in many cases, it has provided an excellent place for scenes in popular TV series such as the Hollywood shows. The park has continued to regularly feature in many shoots for movie and television episodes. There are many Limousine services around the park that add value to these shoots.

The Lummus Park plays host to the Nautica South Beach Triathlon each and every year. This popular event features an ocean swim, a run course, and a bike course. The Miami limo services provide transport services to the many guests that frequent the Lummus Park. Guests usually have a wide range of Limo service options to choose from while in the park. Lummus Park is a great place for everyone.