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Limo Services in Design District Miami

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Limo Services in Design District Miami

Limo Services in Design District Miami

The Design District is a neighborhood located in the city of Miami, Florida. It is located to the south of Lemon city which is popularly known as Little Haiti. The neighborhood had a population of approximately 3,573 as of the year 2010. The historic name of the Design District when it was being redeveloped in the 20th century. In the early days, the area around Design District was a farm of pineapples. With lots of investments both private and public taking place around in early 2000, the neighborhood’s popularity began to increase.

Currently, the Design District boasts of very many warehouses and showrooms containing a wide variety of furniture designs and spaces for the gallery. It also hosts a number of brand names in the fashion industry such as Burberry and Alice+Olivia. Luxury stores such as Balenciaga, Dolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton can be found in the district. The huge number of car service companies in the district offers easy transportation to all of these stores in the district. The Elite Limousine Service Miami offers quality limo service in Miami. This makes it easier for visitors to the Design District to access the wide range of luxury stores and art galleries around.

Another notable feature in the Design District is the wide range of dining options that are available. The neighborhood has many sophisticated restaurants that serve a variety of foods and drinks. These include options for casual cafes such as Harry’s Pizzeria.

The Design District is served by the Metrobus as the main means of transport around the area. However, it boasts a lot of parking garages that make up the larger city of Miami. This makes the car service business in Miami very popular. Limousine service in Miami is very lucrative due to the huge number of celebrities that frequent the area. The City View Garage in the Design District is one of the largest in Miami and is very ideal for limos and car services in Miami.