Premier Miami Limo Luxury Limo & Car Service Miami Sat, 04 Aug 2018 20:03:50 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Why Not Hire a Miami Limo Service for Fun? Tue, 17 Oct 2017 15:09:54 +0000 Do you have an invitation that you are supposed to go to Miami? If you are not familiar with Miami, you may be confused on how to drive well there. We all know that Miami is one of the busiest cities in America as it is also known as the most elite city in America. A lot of people work there, a lot of people enjoy the party bar there, and a lot of people have the business there. There are just so many people living in Miami with great appearance and living.

It seems like everyone loves to show their hard work. Miami is the symbol of the success of people. That is why when you are in Miami attending a great event; you have the chance to show your hard work too. Well, it is not only because of that but when you are in Miami, you really need to hire Limo service Miami. The reason is simple. You are not in where you are familiar with but you are always chased by the deadline, and you still have so many works to do, while you can do while you enjoy the traffic. How to do it? You can hire Limo service Miami. Here are the reasons why you should hire it.

You don’t know how crazy traffic in Miami is?

Do you know how big population is in Miami? Everybody knows that it is huge. People love to go to Miami because it is a beautiful city that no other cities might have. It is elite and yet friendly for tourists. That is why many companies choose Miami as the destination for a business trip or just place for the employee to the holiday. When it has come to a business trip in Miami, you really don’t know how it is. The traffic in Miami is just so crazy. If you still want to enjoy the road of Miami while you don’t need to get stressed, hiring Limo service Miami is the answer.

You can save your time and energy a lot

Do you think that you can beat the traffic? If you always come in a rush, don’t try to drive in Miami if you have no idea with that. When you can hire Limo service Miami, you can enjoy the time left for you, and also you save time and energy at the same time. The limo is a good car that has great features when you can really sleep tight when you are on Limo seat. Thus, getting it can be fun when you are in Miami.

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Miami Limo for Revolt Music Conference 2017 Sat, 14 Oct 2017 16:48:49 +0000






Network And Be Heard By The Music Industry’s Most Influential @ The Eden Roc / Nobu Hotel

RMC 2017 Lights Up Miami Beach’s Nightly Entertainment With Performances By: LAURYN HILL | 2CHAINZ | FRENCH MONTANA | SZA

Transportation & Logistics Provided  Exclusively By Premier Miami Limo. Book Your Own Escalade Or Custom Mercedes Sprinter With A 5 Star Chauffeur And Shine For The Night.

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Jackie Chan with Premier Miami Limo Sat, 14 Oct 2017 16:42:50 +0000 I have been personally driving him for the last 3 days to all of his premiers. So, here is the content and the pic is attached.

International Movie Star Jackie Chan Enjoying Miami While Promoting The Premiere Of His Latest Box Office Hit The Foreigner.

Transportation & Logistics Handled Exclusively @Premier Miami Limo # Ride In Style

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Reasons Why You Should Hire a Miami Luxury Car Service Fri, 13 Oct 2017 15:04:46 +0000 What to do when you are going to have an important event, and you have no time to get yourself driving to the event? When you have no idea what to do, you may need to hire a driver to take you from your hotel to the event venue. But, wait, do you think that your driver can handle your car well? If you worry bout that, hiring a driver is not a good idea. However, it still depends on your trust. Sometimes hiring a driver can be cheaper than you have to drive by yourself and you still have works to do during your way to the event.

Have you got the better idea for that? We have the best recommendation if you don’t have an idea to do when you are on a tight schedule, and you have to still go to the event. You may need to hire luxury car service. Why should it be a luxury car? Well, it is all about prestige. There are many reasons also why you have to hire a Miami luxury car service when you come here and are to attend a great event. Here are the reasons why:

First, you are indeed on a tight schedule. If you drive by yourself, you may get stressed, and you are not familiar with the traffic jam in Miami. If you are hiring luxury car service Miami, you may get less stress, and you just can enjoy the traffic as you have known the features in luxury cars like Limo maybe? The second reason is that you may have worked to get them done. We know that Miami has crazy traffic and when you have no strategy to drive there, you may get late.

That is why the best reason is that you will save times when you hire a professional driver that drive luxury car In the service. When you have drivers to take you, you will save times by spending time during the way to the event by working your duties. You can maximize the left time to the important event, and you still get your jobs done. The last reason is when you have to go to the airport, and you don’t want to spend money a lot, you can hire service car and take you to the Miami airport. You don’t need to pay park also, so you can save the money for another need.

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Things to Consider in Finding a Limo Service Miami Mon, 09 Oct 2017 14:56:02 +0000 What is your reason when you are going to go to Miami? Well everyone must have their own reason, but Miami has a lot of things to be reasons why people love to visit Miami. The beach, the party, and the people are just so inviting. There are no doubts that the elite and Hollywood celebrities always put their personal preference in Miami.

Who does not love Miami, elite cities with so many special and interesting things to do? There is no such wonderful thing than going around enjoying the city by hiring limo service. Why should it be Limo? There is no good time to enjoy Miami with Limo but now. What are you waiting for? Hiring a limo service is common in Miami as people want to relax from one place to another place and also enjoy the comfortable and luxurious interior of Limousine. Well, you may have many reasons to say yes when you hear that you need to hire Limo service in Miami, there is one tougher job than deciding it. That is the way to choose the best Limo service. Here are things to consider in finding Limo service in Miami.

  • See the reputation

How could you find reputation history of a Limo service Miami? Well, there are many ways to check out the reputation of the company now. You don’t need to call one by one and ask your friends about it; you just need to sit in front of the computer and search the name of service you want to see. There is no need to wait too long because all you need is just fast internet so you can collect all the information regarding the reputation of certain Limo service Miami, so it helps you to decide.

  • See the license and the membership

Another thing that you must pick as the consideration is to see whether they have been registered or not. They can be registered in anywhere, but it is important that you need to see the membership of certain Limo Association. The reason is that not all Limo services can join the association and it’s only those services which have good service.

  • See the hours of service

The last thing to consider when you are going to hire Limo service in Miami is that you have to see the hours of service. You can make sure that you can make it match to your schedule and you don’t need to work hard to decide the time as the service is flexible.


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The Great Deal of a Limo Service for Your Special Occasion in Miami Thu, 05 Oct 2017 14:46:13 +0000 Miami is one of the cities that never sleeps. There are many great places in this city. Miami is always full of visitors. Most of them go to this city for vacation. Enjoying the great beach will help them to release the drowsiness after the busy day.

There are many limo companies in this city. You can get many conveniences if you take Limo service Miami. If you consider renting the limo, you need to make sure that the company keeps the flexible hours to change your schedule. The main sign is that the company operates 24 hours 7 days in a week. You may find many Limo companies that have extremely restricted operation hours in Miami. You should be careful when deciding the right company. You need to search the company that could work with you. Your selected company should be on your time schedule. It will be good to work with a company that could treat you like a VIP. Before making a travel plan, it is better for you to consider more information and think the selections of limo service company in Miami carefully before hiring them.

Hiring a Limo Service Miami is very great for several crucial events, like a wedding, birthday party, prom, meeting, and others. Miami Beach is the very great place to get married. It can be a memorable and romantic celebration. There are many people who have plans to get married on Mimi Beach every year. A Miami wedding limo will give nice service with various vehicles to choose from. The professional chauffeur will be there assisting you to get any transportation need. The customers could get their honeymoon set as fast as possible. Perfection is something important to keep. Most providers will provide red carpet and champagne for the couple. This makes the event looks more memorable. You can read the service description to see the details.

As an exciting city, Miami is also famous for its hottest Night Club, sporting event venues, and restaurants. If you want to spend your night, there is a package from Limo service Miami that can be suited to your budget and style. You can spend your night in the city with an excellent experience. You just need to call the provider to make the package. A limo service will enhance your night. South Beach is selected destination for VIP, elite, athlete, and  celebrities. Some Miami Limo company has made good relationship with a lot of hottest night bars and clubs in Miami.

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How to Reserve a Luxury Car Service in Miami Sun, 20 Aug 2017 18:33:15 +0000 Do you have a plan to go to Miami? Miami is a great city for a holiday. Its beaches have nice scenery to release tiredness. There are many people who come to Miami for business or holiday. For more convenience, they go to their destinations by renting a limo. Wow, it is very great, is it not? You can feel the great experience with these elegant vehicles. 

If you want to feel the great sensation of taking limo service in Miami, you need to think about the details of your ride. You should think and plan your preferred route well. Arrange the stops that you want to make. If you need several stops, you can make a list and give the details to the service provider. It will be useful for your experience. You can also know the estimation price.

You should ensure that you are checking the prices. The limousine companies commonly have unique pricing policy. Most of them offer the price by the hour. But, some companies also offer flat rates for the airport transfer. Some people like to choose all-inclusive packages that can reduce the regular price. When checking the price, do not forget to pay attention to the additional price, like fuel surcharges and other service fees that are not included in the base price. Commonly, the tip driver is around 18-20% of the base price. Several companies will charge the driver tip automatically. You need to know the detail of the price before choosing your option.

To get the best deal, you need to compare the service and the price from several companies. Each company has certain rules. You can get your best deal if you gather the service information from many sources. It is better for you to write the limo service company name on a list. Contact each company and get the quotes. Remember to ask the rates including the cancellation fees, driver tip, TCP number, and the cost for an additional hour. If you get the information from each company, you can choose the best option for you. This way can be time-consuming, but it is very helpful for you.

After deciding the right Limo service Miami, you need to book the limo. The staff will serve you kindly. You will be assisted to get what you want. The process is not difficult. It only takes several minutes depending on your need. You have to ask the copy of your reservation and contract. You must know your reservation number and the cancellation policy. Then, you can get a perfect trip with the limo.

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The Top Place to Get a Limo Service in Miami Wed, 16 Aug 2017 18:31:38 +0000 Miami is well-known for its South Beach. It is also famous for its cultural and economic center. Why should you waste your time to wait for the taxis? By renting a limo, you will be picked up by the driver and taken to your destination reliably and quickly. You do not need to wait since the driver will pick you up on time. You can reserve the limo online. These are the top places that you can choose to rent a limo.

Premier Miami Limo is trusted and reasonable limo service in Miami. There are many options that you can choose for your trip. Premier Miami Limo can track your flight so the limo can be there on time. You do not need to worry since there is no late charge. The Flat Rate will include 20 % gratuity to the driver, taxes, and tolls.  The driver will wait and meet you at the baggage claim. Miami Limo offers a flat rate starting at $75 for each hour of the luxury SUV. If you need to rent SUV for up to six bags and six passengers, you just need to pay for only $85. The driver will wait with your name outside the baggage claim.

There are more than 2000 transfers each year. There is no negative review on the internet. It means that this company is very good. The flat rate includes airport fees, fuel surcharge, 20% tip for the driver, tolls, and taxes. There is no charge for late arrival, per mile, per person, or hidden charges.

The customer’s privacy is extremely important for safe transportation. Therefore Premier Miami Limo has emphasized on giving great security to protect exclusive VIP clients. Miami Limo is the right option if you need elegance and high secure service in Miami. One of the missions of VIP Miami Limo is providing dependable, safe, and polite private transportation services. Each worker works hard to develop a solid brand reputation. It offers the customers some private transportation services, such as hotel transfers, airport transfers, seaport transfers, special limo services, convention transfers, and special occasions like private parties, dinners, business meetings, and other.

Premier Miami Limo always understands that each client wants superior service. So, they always pay attention to the small details in each aspect. They always ensure to start and end each customer interaction with clear, transparent, and open communication. They always try to reduce mistakes and make the guest well informed of any changes that occur.   For more information about limo services, you can  contact the professional staff.


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Tips on How to Book a Limo Service Miami Mon, 31 Jul 2017 15:41:35 +0000 Miami is a very nice destination. There are many people who visit this city. Many people like to rent a Limo for bringing them to their destination. If you go to Miami and you want to rent a limo, you need to read these tips.

  1. Consider choosing package

For special events like wedding, birthday party, prom, sporting event, concert, and other events that have a knowable start and end time, a package is the best option. A package commonly will give a set number of hours that could fit your event for a fixed with an inclusive price. Several companies provide packages for each type of service. Most of them provide a great deal.

  1. You need reserve early for a big event.

You should start to search before you need a limo. Some people commonly book a limo around 12-18 months for wedding limo. For proms, some people commonly book a limo a few months. Generally, it is better to start searching 3 to 4 weeks before the event. After selecting the right service provider, you should get confirmation. For special events, it is a good idea to contact the provider 7 days before the event. You should also look at the websites to confirm that the companies own your preferred vehicle.

  1. Book the vehicle and ask the copy of the confirmation

You need to ask the copy of the reservation and contract when booking. You should also know the reservation number and cancellation policy in printed text or email. You should learn the cancellation policy. This can be important when needed.

  1. Carefully decide the best company that can provide the best vehicle, best chauffeur, best price and on time.

Some people think that price is not as essential as the service. Do not automatically select the company that offers the lowest price. The cheapest rate may make you end up with 80s limousine and driver in a t-shirt and jeans.

  1. Call the company 2 to 4 days before your occasion

This is important to give confirmation of your reservation. You can also ask the cell phone number of the driver. This can be useful when you need to contact the driver. Don’t forget to verify that the route is correct. Ask if the provider will farm out your reservation. Farm out is a term that means the provider is selling your reservation to other company. You should ask the detail of the other company if your reservation is farmed out.

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Reasons for Taking a Limo Service in Miami Thu, 27 Jul 2017 15:39:07 +0000 Miami has several beautiful beaches. That’s why many people love to go to the Miami Beach. They want to enjoy the beautiful scenery and release their fatigue. If you want to enjoy the beautiful beach of Miami, you can plan your holiday from now. The journey from Miami Beach to Miami International Airport is around 20-30 minutes. It is not a long trip, is not it? But, you may find such a bothering thing, like bad traffic jams, thinking about the upcoming business project, nerves from driving, or stress from a tight flight. Hiring a limousine service in Miami can be a good solution. You may think that it can add more budgets. But, you need to read the reasons why taking a limousine service Miami below. You will find that it is more valuable.

  1. You are so tired, so you don’t want to drive

Facing traffic jam is a very annoying thing. You can be happy when the car starts moving faster, but it can be an annoying thing when the car slows down again. You will be more tired when driving in stop-and-go traffic. Limousine service Miami makes your trip more enjoyable. You can take a rest when the driver focuses on the road. You can relax your body before having your flight. It is very nice, is not it?

  1. You are on a tight agenda

Hiring limousine Miami can provide you more hours to have a less hectic trip.  A highly regarded car service company will carry you where you want to go. You will have a lot of time to spare. The chauffeur will always pay attention to the traffic patterns, so he/she knows to take the alternate way. This can be a good idea, so you do not need to have a headache because of thinking the best route.

  1. You can do your work

The chauffeur will provide the peace and quiet that you need for phone conversations. There is a small table in the back that can hold your electronic devices. You can spend your commute productively.

  1. You need to relax time

Your commute will be good opportunity to relax with limousine service Miami. A limo is equipped with a sound system that can play music. You can also watch a DVD. You can close your eyes for a while, and a word won’t be spoken by the chauffeur except you say something first. The chauffeur is trained to serve the client’ needs, so he/she won’t break the silence.

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