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Coral Way

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Coral Way

Coral Way, Miami


Coral Way is a neighborhood in Miami in the state of Florida. The community is named after coral Way which is a road that was established by George E Merrick, the founder of Coral Gables in the 1920s. The neighborhood is elegantly dotted with houses from the early 20th century, some of the sub-neighborhoods in Coral Way include, Golden Pines, Vizcaya-Roads, Silver Bluff, Coral Gate, Bryan Park, Shenandoah, South Miami, and Parkdale-Lyndale.


Living in Coral Way


Coral Way has a population of 59,189 people. Coral Way tends to be quite different from other neighborhoods in Miami. It is an old neighborhood; thus, the houses are of different styles. The people in Coral Way lean towards the Latin culture; however, they speak fluent English. There are lots of trees giving the neighborhood a serene environment; the community is also quiet at night. Beside the quiet at night, the community is not a complete bore, the Miracle Mile area holds some lively bars and pubs where one can go for a night out.


Transport in Coral Way


Traffic is a vital part of a city; effective transportation will ensure that the residents of the town can move from one place to the other at their convenience and without paying excessive amounts of money. The coral Gables trolley is one of the transport facilities available; it is reliable, convenient, effective, and, most of all, it is free. It is an excellent choice of transport for anyone living in Coral Gables.


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Limousine service Miami


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Coral Way is a great neighborhood in Miami that would make a great choice to spend your time in Miami. Its environment is especially suitable for anyone looking for privacy and quiet not far from the city.